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Dispute Management 

When a transaction takes place, the buyer and seller agrees to the terms and conditions. During the transaction an inspection period will be given for the buyer to inspect the goods as if it’s in good condition as it’s advertised . The buyer can either accept or dispute the transaction during this period. Once a dispute is opened, the seller will be notified and they can resolve within 72 hours. If not, the case will be escalated to Cubeshop  and our service team will handle the dispute as soon as possible. 

If you are not happy with a transaction, you can file a dispute. Let us know what happened and we can help you to resolve it through our live chat.  Once a dispute is filed, a staff member will be assigned to resolve the dispute.

Contractual disputes

Business-to-consumer (B2C) disputes between the enterprise and its customers such as non-payment for goods or services, non-performance of contractual obligations, poor performance of contract, misrepresentations, breach of the privacy policy, and breach of security of confidential information. It is between the enterprise and its customers that lies the greatest possible scope for disputes. Therefore any obligation related to this could be considered as dispute and open up inquiry.

Non-contractual disputes
Copyright - The enterprise might be liable for copyright infringement if it uses copyrighted material in excess of fair use, and without permission of the original author or seller. 

Data protection is vital for us - The enterprise that would share data may be liable for revealing confidential data on customers, as discussed in the segment on Privacy. 
The above mentioned is subjected to dispute and cubeshop will fully assist in any occurrence such as this.