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Browse through a vast catalogue of items that fit your interests. Manage filters, search for shops, customize shipping and many more. Experience an easier way of shopping online through a decentralized platform allowing you to pay with lower transactions fees.


Experience easy selling through blockchain listings. Sellers can vend fashion items, jewelry, furniture, services, you name it! Earn BTC, ETH or other available credit with a robust digital wallet.


Blockchain platforms allow match through listings around the world. Our systems ease up searching for items that you want so users won’t have to go through tremendous amounts of searches to get what they want. What’s more, our chat rooms can allow buyers and sellers to make their own deals through peer-to-peer transactions.


CubeShop synchronizes with CubeBit. Payments through our e-commerce shop can be done with cryptocurrency available through CubeBit. No long waiting times, no handing over unnecessary sensitive information, just a safe, secure way to pay.